Vision and Principles

Vision for Eco-Mission NSW Network

NSW Network’ has been formed as a voluntary team of NSW Christians from
diverse faith traditions in response to the call of the National
Council of Churches Australia Eco Mission Project to build national
networks that link faith and ecology.

The Gospel is ever new and we see this network as a work of the Spirit in our time. It is a witness to Christ’s continuing vitality and our desire to walk with others.

NSW Network is informed by the ecological crises of our times and to
our changing understandings of the place of humanity within the story of
the cosmos. We are energized by examples of Christian commitment in
response to this crisis carried out with an expanded understanding. Our
mission response to the ongoing degradation of Earth’s life systems
draws upon scripture, theological insights and ongoing scientific
discovery as an ongoing reflection. It is a cause for prayer and
celebration within our faith communities.

role is firstly to animate Christian communities to integrate
ecological consciousness into their life and work. This is a positive
message about opportunities to live richer, more meaningful and more
sustainable lives. Sacrifice and risk are involved. Secondly, we aspire
to be an ecumenical voice on public policies working from the Christian
values and principles that inform us.

NSW Network sees our group as a hub of Christian ecological
consciousness and action. We hope to become a network with members from
all Christian denominations and geographical parts of NSW. We embrace
diverse manifestations of ecological concern recognising that this comes
in many forms among people of goodwill. In common we can pray in
thanksgiving for this deepening revelation of the Creator.

Network values ecological consciousness, compassion, respect,
inclusiveness, dialogue, integral mission and Christian hope. These
values lead us to embrace these principles.


1. We are followers of the Way of Christ, as revealed in Scripture and ongoing reflection

2. We treasure Creation as a freely given gift and blessing for all that reflects the Glory of God

3. We recognize our place in cosmic history and our kinship with all other creatures

4. We are attentive to the various ecological crises which we perceive as ‘Signs of our Times’

5. We affirm the interconnections between ecological justice, social justice and peace

6. We work in an inclusive and invitational way that embraces diversity seeking to collaborate with all people of good will

7. We understand hope as an active commitment to the healing and wholeness of Creation

8. We provide guidance for others and inspiration to engage in advocacy.

Uniting Church, O'Connor, ACT
Uniting Church, O’Connor, ACT